#Fitspo Blogger Shows Off Her 'Food Baby' & Makes Us Feel Better About Our Bloat

Tiffany Brien

There's a fit-stagram guru out there for everyone, that's certain. Nonetheless, there aren't too many willing to show a truly flooring picture of themselves on a bad day. Perhaps they find that it's bad for business. Perhaps their bloat just isn't that big (making you all the more self-conscious). That's why -- as someone who has a "bloat's a b*tch" postcard hanging in my cubicle and has literally spent the past week staring in the mirror, grabbing on my bloaty belly, as if that'll magically make it disappear -- I can totally appreciate the complete transparency of UK fitness and lifestyle blogger (and former Miss Northern Ireland) Tiffany Brien.


Brien took to her Facebook page (where she blogs) to post a side-by-side image of her abdominal area, 12 hours apart. While one depicted what Brien jokingly referred to as her "food baby," the picture from earlier in the day shows a far more toned Brien.  

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And while my own favorite fitspiration follow has certainly posted some pictures of her own bloat in the past, I can't relate to that minor (almost non-existent) bloat. And realistically, that can cause a disconnect for some people who may not be able to rationalize the fact that we all have different bodies. It might bring more insecurity to the forefront than comfort. 

However, this fitness blogger delivers a comforting and impactful message with her picture, even admitting: 

On a evening out for dinner in a lovely tight dress. I could be half way into my main course and I suddenly feel uncomfortable and now really unattractive with a big bloated belly!

So when I took a look at Brien's picture, I felt relief for the first time in several days. I felt like I might be able to take a break from obsessing, because as the blogger points out, it's normal -- and I'm far from alone in this bloat business. Weirdly, this total stranger's words were able to soothe me. She was able to soothe me by merely showing off her own imperfection in a world that views her body as "perfect."

It's easier said than done, a fact that Brien is all too aware of, as she admitted to ATTN that she simply sips her peppermint tea and tries not to think about it. But that's why I'm beyond ecstatic that Brien took the time to remind us how necessary it is to slow down, be patient, and just love ourselves in the midst of trying to better ourselves. 

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Given that her case of bloat was pretty surreal, Brien has had a medical expert take a look at it and she's fine -- however, if you are someone who suffers from this type of bloating, you should definitely see a doctor just to make sure everything checks out. 

Nonetheless, the message still reads the same and eases the minds of the thousands of women who look to her for a bit of #fitspo every now and then. And while she has quite a few tips for getting rid of those days where you're carrying a 6-month-old food baby, the only one that really matters is this, ladies: "Relax and be happy...it'll be ok...Promise." 

Image via tiffanybrien/Instagram

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