8th Grader's Viral Graduation Speech Might Be Funnier Than an 'SNL' Parody

Generally, middle graduation speeches are a reserved place in the universe where the worst clichés of humanity join hands with guidance counselor poster–level cheese and present themselves in the form of a stuttering and sweaty 13-year-old whose only recorded strengths are fart jokes. But! Somewhere in that cloud of misery, one eighth grader emerged the true hero of grad speeches with his hilarious impersonations of presidential candidates, all to the tune of graduation-style thank-yous. 


Sound amazing? It is. We promise you.

Who's this genius, you ask? His name is Jack Aiello, and he's graduating from Thomas Middle School outside of Chicago. Write that name down -- we're pretty sure we'll be seeing him on Saturday Night Live in another 10 years.

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As hilarious as Jack's spot-on impressions are ("We need a cinnamon roll revolution!" literally made us laugh out loud), maybe the most exciting part about this whole thing is how smart and engaged Jack is, even as a young teen. And the crowd -- most of whom are middle schoolers as well -- gets it. Which means they're paying enough attention to know why Jack's Ted Cruz impression is funny. They're engaged enough with politics that Bernie-slash-communism jokes hit home.

That's awesome.

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We spend so much time whining about younger generations being lazy and spoiled, we hardly take the time to give them credit for caring and getting involved more than we ever did. But Jack and his peers are proof that they do. Really, really funny proof, we might add.


Image via NBC Chicago

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