Artist Imagines What 'The Baby-Sitters Club' Would Look Like at Peak Millennial

You may have had friends growing up, but we can basically guarantee that none were as cool or confident as the gang of girls from The Baby-Sitters Club. Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacey were the best fictional friends a '90s kid could ask for, and we were genuinely sad when we grew up and they were no longer there. But artist Siobhán Gallagher reimagined the gang as the 20-something "Jaded Quitters Club," and we'd be lying if we said we didn't find them more relatable like this than we ever did before.


"What inspired me was really just my affinity for stories about girls and women as well as the nostalgia involved in books from my childhood," Gallagher tells CafeMom. "This was my way of remembering those characters and thinking of the types of issues they would experience today in a funny, relatable, and kind of boring way."

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So that's how we get to Kristy and the Cancelled Plans and Claudia and the Judgmental Delivery Guy. We used to want to be The Sitters SO badly ... and now, we are them and they are us as we all tumble off the couch reaching for a fallen spoon together.

Let's all catch up with the BSC as they are today, jaded, lazy, and perfectly millennial. Then, when you're done and thirsty for more, check out more of Siobhán Gallagher's awesome work on her Twitter or Instagram.

We've missed these guys. Seriously. Can we hang out again?


Image via Siobhán Gallagher