This Woman's Using Her Anorexia Struggle to Show You That Your Body's Perfect as Is

Megan Jayne Crabbe, with her rainbow hair and gorgeous grin, wants you to join her in a magical space she's created she calls "bopoland," where she's on a mission to help convince you that your body is absolutely perfect exactly the way it is. Megan's a body-positivity force and pretty much the coolest girl on the Internet.


Megan is a self-described "recovered anorexic, recovered self-loather trying my best to shatter the 'not good enough' mentality we've all been taught about our bodies."

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She's wise beyond her years and writes so passionately about body positivity that it's hard to believe she's just 23 years old. And for what it's worth, she's gorgeous. The pastel-haired beauty blogs and Instagrams with such joy and conviction, I can only imagine the number of people she's inspired. I tried to reach out to Megan to find out more, but the busy Instagram maven didn't return emails. I completely understand, though, as she's got important work to do.

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Here's an Instagram she shared about her battle with anorexia. One look is all you need to see the difference in Megan since she's won her battle with her body.

At the height of my eating disorder I was placed into a youth psychiatric unit. And one of the first things that was said to me there was this: "You know you'll never fully recover, you'll struggle with this for the rest of your life." Maybe that would help some people, but to me it sounded like a death sentence. It stripped me of what little, fragile hope I had. Why even attempt to fight the hardest battle of my life, if I could never win? I wish that person could see me now. I wish I could show them how hard I fought, how many tears I shed, how many demons I overpowered and how much self hatred I overcame. I wish I could show them that recovery IS possible. But since I can't show them, at least I can show all of you. So please, never give up on yourself, little warrior. You are so much stronger than you'll ever know, and you CAN beat this. You can be free. Who knows, you might even become a body positive badass who falls in love with every inch of her chubby recovered body. Anything is possible. Recovery is possible, I promise. ð���ð���ð���ð���ð��� *NEW BLOG POST* (link in bio), 5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Eating Disorders ð���

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But this lovely warrior wants to use her journey to help others, and it appears to be working. Also, that pastel hair is the prettiest.

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On her blog, Bodyposipanda, Megan cheers for her readers who are fighting for their own bodies, shuts down body positivity haters, and generally rules. She uses turns of phrase like "Oh sweet slut shaming!" and claps back at the unsuspecting PR rep who sent her a detox diet tea offer with a simultaneously sweet and badass reply to take his tea someplace else. Smart, unfiltered girl-power food for thought that doesn't shame you for eating pizza.

Just take a look at her blog's logo. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Megan and what a whip-smart queen she is.

And, best of all, her message is working. She's got more than 230,000 Instagram followers who are regularly treated to her special brand of strong and beautiful.

18 months ago I stumbled across this community and some of the most extraordinary people I've ever known. These women changed my life, but with @thechristinecho living in Florida, @mswink being in Sweden (turns out @franhayden only lived 20 minutes away the whole time �), I never thought I would be lucky enough to meet them. Then a couple of weeks ago we all found ourselves taking selfies in my kitchen and playing 1998 world cup monopoly while eating pizza and getting our drank on. I am so incredibly thankful for everything the body positive community has done for me, but giving me these magical humans for friends has to be top of the list. � and I'm sorry you guys I promise I'll get better board games for next time ������

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Her message is simple and strong and something we could all use a whole lot more of in the world.


YOU'LL NEVER HATE YOURSELF INTO LOVING YOURSELF. Trust me, I've tried. I've hated myself into diets, I've hated myself into binging, I've hated myself into weight loss, I've nearly hated myself into an early grave, 15 years old and almost starved to death. None of it took the hate away, it only helped it to grow. I had so many dreams of the body that would FINALLY make me happy. I would've traded anything for it because I knew that once I got there, then my life would really start. But here's the truth: there is no magic pill, potion or diet plan that will turn self hate into self love. And the biggest secret that diet culture doesn't want you to know? Happiness is not a body type. Fulfillment isn't dropping dress sizes. Self love isn't found in starvation and LIFE ISN'T FOR LIVING 10 POUNDS FROM NOW! Life is already happening, and you're already good enough to live it in the body you have right now. The next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself if self hate is really working. Ask yourself if you're willing to spend your whole life at war with your body, trying to hate it into something else. And if you've had enough, like I know we all have, then it's time to try self love. The same self love that you deserved all along. �����

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So thanks, Megan, and please continue to slay. You're a powerful pastel princess force. Turning your struggles into inspiration for the rest of us is simply beautiful. And now, in all your curvy glory, you're showing what it takes to love yourself and others despite living in a world that tells us all we're worthless. I just can't think of anything more gorgeous than that. 

I'M IN MEXICOOOOO ���� and you best believe I'm hitting the buffet hard, unapologetically rocking my bikinis, and living in the body I have right now. I spent so many years believing that I didn't deserve holidays unless I spent months beforehand torturing myself with starvation diets and entire summers locked indoors doing workout DVDs. Sorry diet culture, I'm not buying into the idea that only 'perfect' bodies deserve to swim, strut, eat, drink, and make memories. Not anymore. I'll take my life now thank you, with a cocktail on the side. �����

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Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to order a pizza in a bikini and feel great about it. Maybe you should too!


Image via bodyposipanda/Instagram; logo image via Bodyposipanda

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