Woman Has a Magical Day at Disney -- Thanks to Ticket From 22 Years Ago

girl goes to disney 22 years later It's not always easy to recapture the magic of a childhood vacation, but one woman came pretty darn close. With a day before it expired, Chelsea Herline, 26, was able to cash in the lone day left on her 4-day Disney World Hopper pass -- from 22 years ago -- and make some new memories at the house that mouse built.


Chelsea's dad found the ticket in the family's basement, and without even knowing if the Magic Kingdom would still honor it, the 26-year-old gave it a whirl.

Chelsea Herline Disney

Much to her delight, Disney accepted the ticket, and Chelsea found herself with an expected one-day vacation most kids (and adults) would covet.

Chelsea Herline Disney

Guess this explains why the theme park has earned the nickname "the Happiest Place on Earth." Look at her great smile!

Chelsea Herline Disney

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So, why didn't Chelsea use that remaining day all those years ago? Turns out she fell ill on the final day of vacation and was too sick to go to the park. Luckily, it looks like her old friends Chip and Dale remembered her!

Chelsea Herline Disney

Chelsea Herline Disney

You have to wonder if the ticket was saved as a fun memento or if the family always intended to get back to the Orlando destination and cash it in.

Either way, what a fun surprise for this woman and what great press for Disney for allowing her to use it now. 


Images via Katherine Welles/Shutterstock; Chelsea Herline

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