Joy Cho's Growing Lifestyle Empire Proves a Mom -- & Her Dreams -- Are Limitless

Joy Cho, Moms Who Inspire

Each day, we walk among movers and shakers from different industries. Some have a place in Hollywood and politics, while others are giants in their own right. Joy Cho, of the lifestyle brand Oh Joy!, is one of those giants -- a gladiator -- whose ever-growing lifestyle brand has a national presence and is on shelves practically everywhere. She is a graphic designer turned blogger turned product designer -- but, simply put, Joy Cho is a badass wife and mother of two who's dancing to the beat of her own drum and teaching us to stop and enjoy the confetti (with a rad DIY tutorial, of course). Joy is a beloved entrepreneur and a perfect fit as one of our #MomsWhoInspire.


If you don't know about Joy, there's still a good chance you've seen her work (Joy happens to be a repeat offender for giving us our life in all things DIY and pastel). Whether you have one of her oh-so-awesome YouTube styling videos on repeat, are one of Joy's 310k followers on Instagram, or enjoy pinning your life away (Joy has over 13 million Pinterest followers), you've probably run into an idea or two of hers.

Or, maybe, if you're like me, you spend an obscene amount of time inside Target? If so, you'll likely see Oh Joy! for Target (Joy was one of the first bloggers to get her own collection) in its full and stylish glory -- assuming you're lucky enough to score a few pieces before it sells out.

(I was one of the lucky ones!)

(Yeah, I really like her stuff -- including her OK flower vase.)

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Not a Target shopper? (That's okay. Well, not really in my book.) If you have little ones, you've probably heard of a heavenly home furnishing destination called The Land of Nod. Yeah, Joy had a limited-edition collection there, too, called Oh Joy! for Nod.

I can rattle off all of Joy's books (Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy is a visual stunner) and product ventures (she has the fiercest Oh Joy! Band-Aids, y'all). Just trust me when I say Joy Cho embodies the true meaning of hustle, hard work, and dreaming big.

(And she does it all with 4-and-a-half- and 1-year-old girls!)

Joy's portfolio of work can go toe-to-toe with any celebrity and her entourage, but what makes Joy Cho's story even more inspiring is her ability to forge her own path and build her own empire.

And it all started with a blog.

Speaking with the gals at, Joy discussed the inspiration behind the Oh Joy! blog:

While looking for my dream job (and not finding it), I needed to begin freelancing to make ends meet. So, I started offering my design services to other companies and used my blog as a place to continue to share things I love. More and more people started reading the blog, and it helped me to be able to launch my own design studio.

A graphic designer by trade, Joy spent the last decade building an online destination for design, food, and fashion ideas; documenting the start and growth of her family; and navigating the waters of being a mommypreneur -- motivating so many fellow mommies (myself included) to never stop chasing our dreams.

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12 years ago, I worked as a designer for @cynthia_rowley's Swell line at Target and since then I had the goal to have a line of my own at Target someday. I'm excited that the #ohjoyfortarget spring home decor collection launched today in all @target stores and online! This category has been a dream of mine to create because I truly believe the home is the most special place, and I just want to add a tiny bit of happiness to your home however I can. Thanks to the #ohjoyteam for being the best, I couldn’t do this stuff without you. @angie.stalker @juliasirwester @caseybrodley (And of course thank you to my 3 favorite people right there in this photo). P.S. For those of you who have asked about availability, there are some items temporarily out of stock. We are working to restock them as fast as we can! Thanks to the West Hollywood @target for having us today!

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Success for Joy didn't happen overnight; it's been constant. But thanks to her tenacity to think and do the unimaginable, Joy now has a decade in the game and will leave a legacy her kids will never forget.

"I feel like I am teaching my kids about pursuing your dreams and about how you can create any job you want. Most of my close friends are female business owners, and that’s a pretty awesome thing to be surrounded by as a kid," Cho once told Pregnancy & Newborn magazine.

And should you feel stuck or stalled (honestly, who doesn't think about life and where it's headed?), that's okay. As Joy told Time, you can learn who you aren't before you figure out who you are:

A lot of times, it’s easier to start with how you don’t want to be, what you don’t want your next job to be or how you don’t want to run a business. When I started as a business owner, I had no idea what I was doing. But I had previous jobs and experiences that stood out in my mind as what I didn’t want to do, so I carved out my path by a process of elimination.

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As a former blogger and a mommy, I am so amazed at how far Joy has come. I remember following her site many years ago and just seeing it grow and grow. I celebrate mothers like Joy who are showing the world that you can dare to dream the impossible, work hard, and accomplish it -- all while raising a family.

Whether you're a mama with a dream, or just want to feel secure in daring to dream, Joy Cho is showing us that all things are possible if we only take the chance and try.


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