'U by Kotex' Kicks Off Its #PeriodProjects Initiative With the Shop of Our Dreams

The Period Shop, Pop up shop

For ages, society has made the simple concept of a woman's body cleansing itself -- better known as your period -- a taboo topic. And all too often, this has made many women feel uncomfortable with what should be so natural, driving us to talk in code and exchange tampons as if we're smuggling drugs. Although I enjoy a great euphemism just as much as the next girl, I grew up in a household that spoke openly about menstruation and, thus, I'm more open than most about the topic. I certainly believe that this is the attitude that all women should share when it comes to our menses -- an attitude that promotes dialogue instead of disgust -- and so does U by Kotex, with its aptly named Period Projects initiative.


The Period Projects allows young women to partner with U by Kotex in order to bring their visions to life on matters of menstruation. The first project to launch this initiative was prompted by Fashion Institute of Technology sophomore Sarah Michelson, who called out the unjust society that provides men with shaving shops, and hot sauce aficionados with their own havens, and so on -- but doesn't find it necessary to give women a safe space to shop for and discuss their cycles. So on her Tumblr blog, Michelson put out a "call" for just that: a real-life Period Shop -- a free space to openly discuss and embrace womanhood in an enjoyable way. 

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U by Kotex describes the The Period Shop (a pop-up that was open from May 13 to May 15 in NYC) as "proof that change can be made about the way people think about, talk about, and shop for periods."

And it was every bit so! Aside from being a ton of fun (you were able to witness women -- and men alike -- shopping around), it served to help break the ridiculous notion that it's not ladylike to talk to men about our biology or that it is somehow weird if men are purchasing our feminine hygiene products.

U by Kotex Period Shop

Not to mention there was (obviously cramp-reducing) chocolate, cool merch, and a "Truth Booth" -- which allowed customers to go in and speak their truth about their experiences with menstruation. Of course, if you missed out on the brick-and-mortar experience, you can stop by HelloFlo.com to sample some of the goodies.

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Sixty-eight million American women get their periods, and 68 million women deserve to be proud and unashamed of the act -- let alone of the mere word. Period. 

U by Kotex Period Shop, Sarah Michaelson

Of course, just when you think it can't get any better, it does, as The Period Shop will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to Susan's Place, a "transitional residence that provides homeless women with housing support and a safe, supportive environment."

U by Kotex Period Shop

As U by Kotex continues this awesome #PeriodProjects campaign, we can only hope to see an improvement in the way menstruation is viewed -- by the government (ahem, tampon taxes), men, and, most importantly, women themselves.

Images via Carlotta Kohl / U by Kotex

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