Teacher's Homework Assignment Allows Kids to Be Kids & Her Message Goes Viral

teacher's homework assignment goes viralAs children of all ages know, testing can be stressful. Facing multiple days of exams is hard enough, but knowing that parents and school administrators are placing plenty of emphasis on the importance of doing well only adds to the anxiety. One teacher's homework assignment ahead of these nerve-racking tests has gone viral because she's reminding students to enjoy their childhood and leave the worrying to her.


Ten- and 11-year-olds in Britain received an endearing note from their teacher on the weekend before their final primary school standardized testing began.

Rather than asking students to review their materials, make flash cards, or form study groups, Mrs. Thom of Buckleberry Primary School in Reading suggested that these kids simply be kids. Take a look:

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As you'd imagine, Thom's "homework assignment" was met with cheers from parents who know all too well how these tests can make their children anxious, often leading to upset stomachs, headaches, and sleepless nights.

The ending, in which she writes, "Remember: Mrs. Thom is in charge of worrying -- you don't need to. You are all amazing and I couldn't be more proud of you," is truly heartwarming. 

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Even if you're in favor of standardized testing, depending on the child, it can be stressful. Many teachers' reviews and tenure decisions are often tied to how well their classes fare on these exams. So, naturally, they're worried about student performance, which trickles right down to the kids.

It's so delightful to read that this teacher wants to put students' minds at ease and see that they enjoy being carefree kids. Even as parents we could learn a thing or two from Mrs. Thom. Chances are, children who've enjoyed a weekend filled with fun, fresh air, and exercise are going to be more ready to sit and focus come Monday morning than ones who spent the whole time worrying anyway!


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