9 Ways We'd Slay at #Adulting With This 10-Year-Old Hacker's Instagram Prize

Instagram/Facebook gives 10 year old $10,000

Facebook awarded 10-year-old Finnish boy Jani (whose last name is being kept private) with $10,000 through its Bug Bounty Program. If we're being honest, we didn't even know such a thing existed -- because who knows these things? Clearly this kid. Furthermore, he was the youngest recipient to receive this compensation, which is given to security researchers and hackers who come across glitches in the system for Facebook and Instagram. So what did he do, exactly? Jani stumbled across a glitch that allows you to delete any comment on Instagram -- even those from verified accounts, such as "Justin Bieber."  


Apparently he really lucked out, as the payouts aren't always quite as much as he received -- on average they're $1,780. 

A security representative at Facebook, Melanie Ensign, told the Washington Post, "We base our bounties on the scope of the risk, rather than the novelty or sophistication." And if you're wondering how grave this hack would've been, Ensign admitted, it "would have impacted everybody on Instagram."

Jani has revealed that he plans on buying bikes, computers (for him and his twin brother), and video games -- but we can't help but think about what we'd buy (or what we wish we could, anyway) if we'd been the ones to come across that handy hack. Here's what we came up with.

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1. The metabolism of a 10-year-old
We're tired of working out and would literally give anything to go back to the days of eating whatever and never seeing it. 


2. The fountain of youth
Own your wrinkles and liver spots all you want, but I think if given the opportunity, there are not too many who'd walk away from a chance to stay wrinkle-free -- otherwise Olay would be out of business. 


3. Happiness, lots and lots of happiness
Happiness flying all over the world, happiness ordering everything on the menu -- they say you can't buy it, but I beg to differ. 

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4. Booze, booze, and more booze
At this kid's age, I might've said an endless supply of hot Cheetos and Mike & Ikes, but now just wine will do -- unless Chardonnay pairs well with Cheetos. Then bring them both on. 

5. A chauffeur, cook, and maid
Clearly, this list is not ranked -- as these wishes would've certainly been at the top.


6. Any outstanding debt
We can't abandon all of our sense of responsibility. Or can we?


7. A date with ...
Morris Chestnut or Channing Tatum. The list in never ending, really.

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8. A personal shopper
While I'm adulting, this is just one of the many things I no longer have time to do for myself.


9. Redecorating -- for real
You know when you decide to redecorate one piece at a time and never quite make it to the next piece? Here's to finally buying that last piece to finish your ultra chic living room off. 

Hmm, maybe we'd just pay someone to do the adulting for us.

Image via Erik Khalitov/ iStock

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