Mom Proves Stretch Marks Are Sexy as She Re-Creates Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein Ad

Calvin Klein Mockup Ad

When we talk about body image, we often forget the other dynamics that come along with it. It's more than weight -- it's loving the skin you're in, period. For women, that means a variety of things -- and Brenda DeRouen, a Texan mother and blogger, reminds us to love our "imperfections" with this one bold move. DeRouen had a photo shoot of her own -- re-creating Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein ad, with her stretch marks for the world to see


This mother, who admittedly has a "four out of six pack," set out to "celebrate the end of [her] body insecurity" by displaying the stretch marks that come along with the territory of motherhood, as she explained on her blog. And honestly, she did so flawlessly -- by truly celebrating all women. She didn't reduce Kendall's photographs, but instead embraced their beauty and decided that society needs something that embraces the different tiers of beauty and sexiness as well. 

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As for why her interest was piqued with Calvin Klein specifically, she told 

[Underwear ads] do not represent real people. I wore Calvin Klein because to me, the brand represents comfort, class, and a hint of sexy. The underwear made me feel comfortable and free. Plus, it’s trendy. I thought it was time to give the look a different narrative with darker skin and a not so perfect body. I hope Mr. Klein would make more women like me the face (and body) of his brand. To show the industry there is beauty in imperfection.

While keeping this in mind, it's important for us all to hold other brands to the same standard. To finally see women owning their bodies through more campaigns like this would simply be lovely.

This was a bold and encouraging move, and we can only hope that Calvin Klein is open to this concept of body inclusively. But, furthermore, we hope that this is a call to other brands to open their minds (and marketing), as well. 

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Body image is something that plagues many women, young and old alike. DeRouen spoke of her own struggles, recalling on her blog, "No matter how hard I tried, the skin stayed saggy and the stretch marks would not go away. For years I dealt with not loving myself. I was self-conscious in relationships and I hated my body" ... until she was finally able to let go of her insecurities and just embrace it. 

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While the body-positive movement is on the up and up, it's still just as crucial as ever that we have different portrayals of real women -- after all, we aren't built in a one-size-fits-all mold and neither is sexiness. 

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