This Satirical Magazine Cover Gets Real AF About How the Media Makes Us Feel

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It seems silly to think that women are still battling insecurities based on unrealistic images and sexist expectations -- but that's the world some of us are living in. Fortunately we live in a time when many women are fighting back and making a much-needed attempt to manage the expectations of the media and those of us who tune into it, men and women alike. That's why this Reddit user's satirical magazine cover -- hilariously mocking Women's Health UK and its September 2015 edition -- is pretty much everything. 


Honestly, if pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words, then this one has to be worth a mill. 

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That being said, this mock-up cover does a great job at poking fun with fake (but almost too real) featured cover stories, such as: "Didn't think you were fat? You are!" and "Even if you do this absurd workout, you won't look like her because Photoshop."

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And you can find a sketched Chrissy Teigen with a caption that reads "I'm so f*cking happy" -- which is how she looked on the actual cover (shown below).

Truthfully, this is the reality check that many need. Although the people on the covers of these magazines are real, the image that they portray is sometimes more fictional than anything. It's important to understand that there's only so much insight that the media will ever provide into the sensational stories that it feeds, so we must stop overanalyzing the messages it's sending -- from the faces of the covers to the flashy headlines bolded by fluorescent colors.

It's time that we stop looking to the media as a guideline on the life we wish to lead, and instead create our own. 

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Everyday women and those in the spotlight are getting real about what the camera captures (read: media). With images -- like this one that has been viewed nearly 2 million times -- and models who are breaking barriers each day with their curvy covers (like Ashley Graham), we can only hope that women begin to find comfort in themselves, no longer giving thought to sexist covers that teach us how to please men but fail to account for how to please (and be happy with) ourselves. 

While this photo and many others have begun the conversation, now it's on us to finish it. 


Image via Wavebreakmedia LTD/Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

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