News Anchor's Takedown of Troll Who Criticized Her 'Exhausted Mom' Selfie Is Our Hero

news anchor fires back after nasty commentMany women will agree that they feel like completely different people after giving birth. To illustrate that point, a news anchor in Iowa shared a "real mom moment" selfie -- and felt forced to defend herself after a nasty commenter insulted her on Facebook.


Erin Kiernan, mom to a teething 6-month-old, snapped a sleep-deprived photo of herself and the innocent-looking tot, who seems at least partially responsible for her change in appearance.

While many fans rejoiced at the refreshing honesty of the pic and the mom's message, one rude person pointed out that she "doesn't even look like the same person."

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Well, duh -- being a mother, especially one who's been up all night attempting to comfort an irritable baby, isn't exactly glamorous!

Okay, first of all, Kiernan's caption really sums up just one of the many surprises motherhood has in store. So, who in their right mind wants to challenge an already-exhausted new mama? Talk about poking a bear! But just see how the broadcaster gives it right back to this insensitive person, who, we'd like to bet, isn't a parent!

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Nothing can cause vanity to go right out the window like caring for a baby. Once you get your little guy or gal to sleep, the last things on your mind are fixing your hair or applying makeup. Anyone who's been in the trenches knows that savoring a few moments of shut-eye or silence is far more appealing than getting all dolled up.

We love that Kiernan isn't afraid to keep it real and show the messy side of motherhood. Moms everywhere appreciate knowing and seeing that they're not alone in those long, sleepless-night struggles. And, let's be honest: The most important person in all this, your baby, loves you no matter what you look like at 2 a.m.


Images via Erin Kiernan/Facebook

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