Mom Calls BS on the Belief That Aging Is Ugly: There's Nothing Wrong With Looking 40!

We've all been lured at one time or another into sales pitches by the promise of free products. Usually when that happens, we just nod our heads while the salesperson tells us how imperfect we are and how all these products will save our souls. It's so easy to get sucked in, but one Canadian mom wouldn't let herself -- and her Facebook post about not letting a salesman tell her her wrinkles were ugly is going crazy viral.


Obviously, this stuff resonates -- no one likes being told that they need to change to look more beautiful, but we usually go along with it because that's what we've been hearing our whole lives. 

But Annick Robinson thinks it's time we stop listening, and we've gotta say -- we're with her on this one.

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Here's her story. You know it well:

Any woman with a "miracle baby" -- or really, any child at all (or really any life at all) -- is going to be familiar with wrinkles. No sleep and stress really has a way with your skin. But what if we all had the same attitude Robinson does? What if we looked at wrinkles as medals of honor, and laugh lines as signs of happiness?

Then, maybe, we wouldn't all be as terrified of getting and looking old. Maybe kids would be excited to get their first laugh line! Gray hair is in right now, right? Who says old age isn't next?

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Maybe that's pushing it, but Robinson has a point -- it's not us or the salespeople who are the problem. It's the beauty industry, the message it sends, and the fact that we're still letting it make money off of the self-hatred it leaves on our doorsteps.

We really have to stop giving it that power. Like Robinson said, the next generation needs us to make these changes now so that they can live in a healthier world. By changing the language that we use and the products that we buy, we have the power to stop this awful self-talk from reaching our daughters. It'd be stupid of us not to use it.


Image via Annick Rbsn/Facebook

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