2 Families Adopt 4 Brothers So That They Can Grow Up Together (VIDEO)

four brothersGet ready for your feel-good cry of the week: Four brothers who spent more than 1,000 days in foster care hoping for a forever home have been adopted at last, and thanks to the kindness and generosity of two friends and neighbors, the boys will get to grow up together -- instead of being separated for life!


Julia Washington and her husband, already parents to two children, had already made the decision to adopt Michael, 6, Jess, 5, and Camden, 4, when their case worker told them about the boy's baby brother (Elijah, 17 months). Washington knew that taking on one more child would be impossible for her family, especially because Jess has cerebral palsy and requires extra care.

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Still, the thought of splitting up the brothers broke her heart. That's when her neighbor, Jay Houston, stepped in: As a child of adoption with four adopted children and two birth children, she knew exactly what needed to be done ... she would adopt Elijah so that he would never be far from his brothers. Check out their story:

What an unbelievably selfless -- and incredibly inspiring -- thing for Houston to do! Seeing how much love those boys have for each other and how happy they are together is just so tremendously sweet, it's nearly impossible to imagine anything breaking that brotherly bond. 

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It's not clear where the boys' birth parents are or what happened to put them in foster care in the first place, but it's so comforting to know that these kids are getting the amazing opportunity to move on and grow up in stable environments with loving families. The world desperately needs more people like these adoptive parents, people who are willing to share their hearts and homes with those who are less fortunate. Stories like this one are proof that happy endings really do exist -- and just one look at those beautiful smiling faces is all the proof anyone needs that these children deserve the happiest ending of all.


Image via ABC News

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