Artist's Illustrations Capture the Essence of Womanhood -- Without a Filter

Sally Nixon Illustration

In a world that values women who are "ladylike" (whatever the hell that means), it's hard to find the time and space to truly be yourself. We spend most of our days being politically correct; we put a bra on, smile, and pretend everything is good -- and ultimately create the illusion that we've actually got all of our sh*t together ... when the truth is, we don't (and that's okay!). Sally Nixon's very raw, goofy collection of images only further solidifies that message and gives us permission to be us -- to be free of standards and stereotypes. 


So far she has done so through her 365-day drawing challenge, in which she drew a small image each day for a year. And although her challenge ended a week ago, she recently gave The Creators Project insight on her inspiration, stating:

They don't have perfect bodies or perfect habits and that makes them relatable. The scenes I create around them are everyday places: a bathroom, a restaurant, a messy bedroom. However my goal with each drawing is to elevate the seemingly mundane to something special and worthy of being viewed.

Through her illustrations, Nixon celebrates the women that we transform into once we cross our thresholds -- it's celebrating the girl in you who really would rather not go out after work because you can't wait to get home, unharness your boobs, and swig wine straight from the bottle.

These were the images I found to be most relatable, fully embracing the homebody that lives inside of me.

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Sometimes I can't make it to my bed, let alone the trash can/sink, after a good meal and super-long Netflix binge -- that's just life.

Every morning I wake up and contemplate the world's greatest mysteries -- like why there's no self-wash feature for my body or at least something as futuristic as what the Jetsons had. 

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Literally what I rush home to do after any day -- get naked and munch on something ... anything (which typically ends up being shredded cheese).

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Basking in laziness, my friends and I value food over everything. But, moreover, I hate to waste a good paper towel and prefer to avoid a pileup of dishes (which is what inevitably happens) -- so this is what I resort to. 

When I can't be bothered with humanity -- like not even a little bit.

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And when I can be bothered, this is my type of party.

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This is basically a photo album of me, to be honest. And, in realizing that this is a norm for other women, it makes me so happy to see that I'm not some unicorn-woman -- lacking all the couth in the world that I am "supposed" to have.


Image via sallustration/Instagram

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