Bartender Bans Sexist Jerk From His Pub -- We'll Cheers to That

Generally, we're not interested in stories about men who post on Facebook about how they stuck up for helpless women, or stories about men who post on Facebook about how feminist they are, or really stories about men who post on Facebook at all. But something about this bar owner's Facebook post about kicking a sexist old man out of his business has us singing a different tune.


The story goes like this: One particularly crabby old man waltzed into Jordan Gleason's particularly feminist bar and started making sexist comments to the women working there. Gleason, who apparently views women as humans, kicked him out. When he came back a few months later and was refused service, Gleason explained why women should be spoken to with respect -- and, to no one's surprise, the man just didn't get it.

And then he was kicked out. Again.

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Here are the rest of the details:

This is a longer post, so bear with me...Today I had to explain to a 60 year old man why he was banned from the pub. ...

Posted by Jordan Gleason on Friday, April 1, 2016

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Gleason's right: Women wade through way more man-made s**t than most people want to recognize. Seeing men who will listen to the women around them and take their struggle seriously is enormously refreshing.

Maybe the guy in the story didn't get it, but the guys in Gleason's comments do. For every "thank you" and "well said," there's an "I will do better."

And you know what? It's a start.


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