9-Year-Old Reporter Breaks Murder Story, Claps Back at Trolls Like a Champ

9-year-old journalist Hilde Kate LysiakWho doesn't love a plucky kid? Well, this 9-year-old from Pennsylvania has spunk in spades! Not only did online journalist Hilde Kate Lysiak break the news of a local murder, but she also took her critics to task for giving her grief about her age and occupation. Get ready to meet this tiny tour de force.


Sensing a void in local coverage, this third grader from Selinsgrove set up her own online community news site, Orange Street News, and reports on happenings in her neighborhood. While Lysiak covers everything from nearby businesses to entertainment, it's the story of a local man who allegedly murdered his wife with a hammer that's landed this intrepid reporter on front pages across the nation this week.

Though she did a top-notch job with her coverage, critics (i.e., trolls) have left her some pretty unpleasant messages in the comments section. Some have suggested she go back to "dolls and tea parties," while others used language usually reserved for grown-ups. (People, she's 9!) But how she's chosen to respond proves she's more professional than any of these haters.

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Seriously! She had me at her "I Love Free Speech" button. When Hilde Kate eventually goes on to win a Pulitzer for journalism, we're pretty sure she won't regret not spending more time with dolls. As she sits down to interview world leaders, she can enjoy a cup of tea then.

How can you not admire a kid who's been able to cultivate trusted sources before she's even reached double digits? (Something tells us she's picked up a few tips from her dad, a former Daily News reporter.) We also love that her sister, Izzy, writes the site's advice column, making it a family-run business.

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While some might argue that the story of a local homicide isn't the kind of content they'd want their 9-year-old reading about, let alone writing about, it's nothing she wouldn't see on television or hear about in school. At least this way, she's getting the facts. And, she proves her professionalism and sensitivity by not reporting the victim's name:

The Orange Street News is withholding the name of the victim to make sure friends and family are told first.

Though we think this young lady is doing an amazing job, if we could offer her one piece of advice it would be this: Never read the comments! 


Images via Orange Street News/YouTube

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