'Monthly Gift' App Sends You Chocolate as Soon as Your Period Cravings Kick In

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Women have been tracking their menstruation since the beginning of time -- from moons to calendars and now the more modern apps that help you keep your days straight when it comes to your monthly visits from Aunt Flow. And while we've definitely seen our fair share of tracking apps grace the app store, we've yet to find something like the Monthly Gift period tracker.


Monthly Gift differs from other trackers with its subscription service that sends you tampons and chocolate each month -- in anticipation of your period and whatever PMS symptoms Flow packed for the trip. 

While I've never been much of a tracker, this subscription is certainly the incentive I've been looking for to start. Honestly, there's nothing more frustrating than a pop-up visit because you lost track of the days, at which point you have to force yourself out of the fetal position and crawl to the nearest pharmacy to get a fresh box of tamps (because clearly takeout took priority the day that you did think to prepare).

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And the worst part is that you're then inconveniently forced to fund dear Flow's welcome wagon --  which only costs, oh, say, an arm and a leg. But fortunately, Monthly Gift is affordable when all things are considered. For instance, if you're like me with a preference to alternate between tampons and pads -- you're stepping into the best of both worlds.

When you personalize your "Little Black Box" (which is what the app calls its period kit) you can opt for a mixture that matches your flow with up to 36 products (at no additional fee), plus chocolate to sooth that raging case of PMS -- starting at $10, for the 12-month subscription.

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Now, the best part (aside from the chocolate)? This tracking app has partnered with nonprofit Days for Girls and joined its mission to provide kits that supply hygienic products to women and girls in schools, prisons, and homeless shelters around New York City. So in a sense your money is hard at work, helping Monthly Gift with an amazing cause.

It's quite literally a sweet deal. The only thing missing is a hot pack and my preferred painkillers. But, with the rest taken care of for me, I should be able to manage anything else that comes my way. 


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