These Body-Positive Stickers Remind Us That There's No One Way to See Perfection

Hands down, one of the best places for advertising is the New York City subway. We've all looked up and read an ad just to avoid making eye contact with a car full of strangers. Often these obnoxious ads feature women with invisible waistlines and boobs you can see from space. And, that's totally fine ... if that's you. But, it's not cool that many of these ads are made to make women feel insecure and "less than" in their own skin -- all to ramp up sales for breast implants and bikini butts. Which is why it's pretty awesome that these ladies are taking a stand against the propaganda that helps feed self-hate. 


Who are these vigilantes (whom we are calling our "she-ros")? Jessica Anderson and Ashley Simon are two yoga instructors who got fed up with these in-your-face messages and launched My Body Does, standing up for women everywhere with a body-positive message. 

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The best part is that their message, which they espouse through affirmation stickers for women, completely excludes body shaming. The overall goal for Ashley and Jessica was to diffuse the often blurred image women maintain of themselves -- redirecting our mindset and the conversation on body image by acknowledging that we're all different.

Now people are using these stickers to tag ads on the train in an effort to preach body inclusivity. Sure, breast augmentation is a choice that some women make -- and that is okay, as long as it's a choice and not pressure to look or be something that society has demanded of you. They also realize that being a size zero is not always a choice and for some it's a painful affliction. And, most importantly, their stickers assure women that it's also okay if you don't look like the women depicted in the ads.

Most importantly, this teaches us, as women, that it's not our place to pass judgment on one size versus another, but to love one another all the same.

Anderson makes their vision for their stickers clear, telling People:

We hope our stickers inspire people to investigate some of the feelings they have, and the choices they make, and to discover what's authentically them ... And if at the end of the day that's still plastic surgery, then that's okay. Because it won't be about fear and manipulation, it will be about individual, conscious choice.

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Honestly, what's not to love about that? We can't think of a thing. This is a mission we're absolutely here for -- and so are many other fed-up women, as the movement is undoubtedly ... sticking. Can't wait to see where these stickers pop up next. 


Image via MyBodyDoes/Instagram

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