Starbucks Barista Learns Sign Language So She Could Take Deaf Patron's Order

If you need a feel-good story about human kindness, this one is for you. A Starbucks patron was overwhelmed recently when he discovered that his barista had learned some American Sign Language, just so she could communicate with him better.


Ibby Piracha is deaf, but he never expected what happened to him last Friday when he walked into his local Starbucks for a pick-me-up. When he got to the counter, a barista whom he'd interacted with before surprised him by signing, "What do you want to drink?"

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Piracha was so moved by the gesture that he posted a photo to Facebook. The barista told him that she was inspired to learn so that he could have the "same experience as everyone else." The post already has over 17,000 likes, and has been shared nearly 5,000 times.

Oh, I gotta love this place. Starbucks woman cashier, she wrote it to me and she knew I am deaf. I am surprised she...

Posted by Ibby Piracha on Friday, February 19, 2016

Piracha told the local news, "I was just so moved that, oh my gosh, she actually wanted to learn sign ... She actually wanted to learn a different language ... sign language is really a totally different language and it was something that she wanted to do because of me? Because I was a deaf customer? I was very, very impressed."

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That is so cool, and a testament to how we can affect other people's lives just by taking some time to learn more about them, and find ways to help them feel included.


Image via Ibby Piracha/Facebook

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