'Harry Potter' Fan Makes Real-Life Weasley Family Clock & Every Mom Freaking Wants It

This is basically the coolest thing you will see today. Maybe for the whole week. Or maybe I'm just a giant Harry Potter nerd. Nah, I think this Harry Potter-themed clock based on Molly Weasley's magical one in the stories is freaking cool no matter what your knowledge of witchcraft and wizardry consists of.


In the series, Weasley matriarch Molly has an enchanted clock at her house that tells the whereabouts of her family members, rather than telling the time. The hands have faces, and they point to places like "School," "Work," "Home," or even "Mortal Peril."

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One superfan managed to created a similar working clock for his own muggle family, and it is beyond cool. The 21-year-old is a Duke University student, and he used some modern magic technological genius combined with an antique find to make his own version.

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His version syncs with his family members' phones to determine their GPS locations, then updates the clock accordingly. He fit all the wires and other computer parts in a beautiful wooden wall clock, with stunning results.

Et voilà! The glass in the hinged metal rim broke in transit, but I kept the metal there anyhow. The glowing B is black paint on acrylic, lit by the tail end of the LED strand hanging down, and it flashes a different color for each member of the family when it's about to update their position!

The young man explained that the clock knows where to place each person thanks to some pre-set information. He said, "Everyone in the family creates locational rules on their phones, and it updates whenever they enter a specified radius!"

For example, if he's in the school library, his location will show up as "Work." His dorm room is "Home." Hmmm, he might want to leave his phone in his room if he's planning on going out partying! Just saying.

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He also explained what would trigger "Mortal Peril" on the family clock, saying it was "whatever each person wanted." He said, "For example, my sister has it triggered by a forecast of too-cold weather, and I have it triggered by the radius of our rival school."

Of course, as a mom, I'd love to see categories for "Up to No Good" (which could include anytime my kids are too quiet together for too long) or "Time to Hide" (for when the in-laws were headed in your direction). Who knows? Magic may be more accessible than we thought. 


Image via tbornottb3/Imgur

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