The Awesome Tax Break for Breastfeeding Moms You Probably Didn't Know About

We all know that breastfeeding brings some awesome benefits to our little nurslings, but now it's paying off in another big way. Thanks to some new tax regulations, nursing moms can now write off breastfeeding supplies on their tax returns as medical deductions.


Let's face it -- when you're raising kids, every dollar counts. 

Since 2011, breastfeeding mamas have been able to save in two different ways. The first is by purchasing breastfeeding supplies using pre-tax dollars through your flexible spending account (FSA). For women who don't have an FSA, they can still get a break by deducting breastfeeding supply costs -- but only if their medical expenses are at least 10 percent of their income.

Considering that the median income of a woman in the US is just over $39,000, that means that she just has to hit $3,900 in out-of-pocket medical expenses to be able to write off that shiny new breast pump.

That's all medical expenses, not just nursing supplies! Since she likely also gave birth that year, those costs are counted toward the total. Even with great insurance, most women have co-pays of some sort. And what about prenatal care? Well-baby checkups? Prescriptions? It adds up to more than you think.

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More women probably qualify for the write-off than they realize. Breast pumps can run several hundred dollars, not to mention all the associated costs of breastfeeding. Fees for lactation consults count, as well as storage bags or containers, nipple cream ... anything that has to do with the extraction of that liquid gold for your baby's benefit can count toward your overall medical expenditures for the year.

Plus, if you took unpaid time off or reduced your hours to welcome your little one, it's likely your income decreased ... making that 10 percent even easier to achieve.

So save your receipts, breastfeeding moms. You might even be able to save enough money on your taxes to hire a babysitter and treat yourself to a mani-pedi. Or, you know, maybe just take a nap. The sitter can use that expressed breastmilk you have pumped and stored.


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