Wife's Inscription on Husband's Wedding Ring Is So Good, We Wish We Thought of It (PHOTO)

This is one bride with a wicked sense of humor! A photo of the inside of Dan Tallman's ring has gone viral, thanks to his very clever wife Amanda, who had a secret message inscribed on the inside of the wedding band before their wedding day.


The couple has been married for five years, but Dan's ring just recently became an Internet sensation. Take a look at what Amanda had inscribed on the inside of her groom's wedding ring.

My best friend's wife had this engraved into his wedding ring.They have an awesome hilarious marriage and this is just a slice of her humor.

The image quickly went viral after Dan's friend posted the photo on Reddit earlier this week. So how does the groom feel about it? He loves it, of course!

He explained to ABC News, "She's a prankster. She's got a great sense of humor ... Some people are commenting that she must be insecure or something, but it's quite the opposite. People tell us we have the best marriage they've ever seen."

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He also had no idea before the wedding what Amanda had planned. He noticed she slid a note to their jeweler with a special request, but didn't really think that much about it at the time. "When the rings came in, I tried it on and noticed [the engraving] when I took it off," he recalled. "I just laughed along with everyone else in the store."

They've been going strong ever since. Now parents of three little ones, they still take life in stride. Dan said, "We had three babies in less than three years. Our marriage is strong and it's because we keep it fun and humorous."

God bless it.


Image via © Marnie Burkhart/Corbis

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