No More Taxes on Diapers & Tampons: About. Damn. Time.

If you've ever felt yourself rolling your eyes at the tax you're forced to pay on things you really have no choice about buying (think diapers and tampons), then you'll love this news out of Utah: A House bill has been proposed that would remove sales tax from diapers and other personal hygiene products sold in the state. Sounds fair to us!


House Bill 202 would exempt diapers (both infant and adult), maxi-pads, tampons, and other feminine products from sales tax. Which makes perfect sense, because, like tax-exempt groceries, these are pretty much basic life necessities. Rep. Susan Duckworth, who released the bill, pretty much summed it up when she spoke with Fox-13 News:

Hygiene is a human right. Men and women should not be taxed for those things that are medically necessary. From the time we’re young until the time we die, at one point in our life we will be using one or more of these items.

And some of us will probably use all of them! By some of us, of course, I mean women -- the demographic most affected by the taxation of personal hygiene products. 

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So this bill is definitely a win, except it's not a win yet. Before the Utah State Legislature will hear it, the bill would have to go before the Rules Committee. But if it does go through, then that would definitely be something to celebrate -- especially if more states follow suit (similar proposals are being considered in Connecticut and Illinois). Duckworth estimates that for Utah residents, the savings that would result from this bill would amount to about $30 per year. 

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"It doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're raising a family, putting a spouse through school, or counting pennies, it all adds up," she said.

That it does!

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