Hilarious Instagram Casts Barbie in Your Favorite Pop Culture Moments (PHOTOS)

barbie kim kardashianYou're never too old to play with dolls, as the hilarious and wildly creative Instagram of Swedish magazine editor Ronny Larsson proves. Called adollworldafterall, the account features buzzworthy pop culture moments recreated with Barbie dolls (think Kim Kardashian's "break the Internet" Paper magazine cover), and trust us: It's your new favorite addiction!


What better way to relive your favorite entertainment news stories of recent months than with carefully choreographed scenes starring your favorite childhood toy? It's a Barbie world, indeed -- by which we mean it's plastic and fantastic (much like Hollywood itself). Larsson calls himself "the Swedish Geppetto," and a quick scroll through his account proves it's a fitting title: With any luck, Barbie just might turn into a "real girl," Pinocchio-style!

Actually, that might be weird, but these are still amazingly fun to look at. Check out some of the highlights:

First up, Kim K's infamous champagne glass pose ...

And Kim K's even more infamous non–champagne glass moment ...

Who can forget when Amy Schumer brilliantly pranked Kimye?! (Personally I don't really think Kimye got it.)

Of course the most cringeworthy moment in Miss Universe history deserved the Barbie treatment.


Something tells me Caitlyn Jenner would absolutely love her doll doppelgänger.

Yes! #caitlyn #jenner #t #vanityfair #hero #caitlynjenner #transgender

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It's way less gross to watch a Barbie version of Ariana Grande licking little faux donuts, right??

Oh, Drake. Even as a doll, you dance like a grandpa.

And there are plenty more where that came from! Can't wait to see what Larsson does with Sunday's Golden Globes red carpet!


Image via adollworldafterall/Instagram

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