This Couple Was Definitely Not Expecting This Awkward Kiss Cam Moment (VIDEO)

Well, that was uncomfortable. A couple caught on the Kiss Cam refused to kiss this week, and I think we were all left even a little more uncomfortable than they were. Which is a tough thing to say, because they were obviously not cool with the situation!


Most people love the Kiss Cam, right? Whether you're caught on film or you just enjoy watching people in love smooch, it's a pretty cool thing to have at sporting events. Maybe that's just the girl in me speaking up, but come on -- Kiss Cams are awesome!

Except for this couple. Just take a look at this awkward encounter.

The moment was caught at the San Antonio Spurs game this week, and we can't help but speculate on this couple. Normally the person in charge of the Kiss Cam venture backs off on couples unwilling to lock lips, but whoever was in charge decided to take matters into his own hands.

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The captions on the screen as the couple dodged kissing were the best part. "Is this a first date?" asked one, while the next goaded, "Are you sure?"

They finally kissed, and we eventually learned that they've been together for more than a year, surprisingly enough.

Which leaves only one question ... if they've been together for more than a year, why couldn't they shut up and kiss already?


Image via @spurs/Twitter

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