Footage of Best Christmas Toys Through the Years Will Summon Your Inner Child (VIDEO)

The '80s were the best for toys, weren't they? Maybe I'm biased, having been a child in that decade, and yeah, I dearly loved my Cabbage Patch doll. I'm sure most people feel nostalgic for the gifts they got as children, which is why this video of Christmas toys through the decades is completely awesome.


From baby dolls to Tickle Me Elmo to the electronic crap we can't figure out, this video has it all. 

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Did that take you down memory lane? Does it make you nervous that you didn't get ahold of that hoverboard this year? Don't worry. It's probably on eBay, and if you buy it now and pay for express shipping -- it can be under the tree by the 25th.


Image via Mode/YouTube

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