Help 8-Year-Old Arson Survivor's Wish for Christmas Cards Comes True

Safyre Terry

A little girl who lost her family in a horrific, deliberately set house fire has one wish this Christmas -- to receive holiday cards from around the world. Let's make her wish come true!


In 2013, a terrible act of arson caused a fire that took the lives of Safyre Terry's father and her three siblings. Safyre was badly burned, but her father saved her life. He was found with his body wrapped around his little daughter's body -- something that's truly difficult to write about, let alone to contemplate.

Now 8 years old, Safyre lives with her aunt, Liz Dodler, as well as Liz's husband and their four other children. Liz recently bought a metal tree from a thrift store that's used for displaying Christmas cards, and it seems to have really caught Safyre's eye! As Liz shared on the Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor Facebook group, Safyre's hoping to get enough holiday cards to fill the tree ...

Judging by the replies on the post -- which I highly encourage you to go read, especially if you're in need of a reminder of how many nice people there are in the word -- Safyre's got a lot of Christmas cheer headed her way!

What a darling girl, with a holiday wish that embodies the sweet, unmaterialistic joyfulness of the season. People from all over the world are working on cards for Safyre -- I saw comments from Malaysia, Australia, and Austria. And of course from right here in the USA.

I wonder how many cards she'll get (some of them with a small amount of money tucked inside -- something she didn't ask for, but that commenters are sharing they've been doing). If you're thinking, oh, she's already going to get a ton ... I say, go ahead and add one more to her tree! Let's show Safyre that the world is rooting for her. That despite all of the horror she's experienced showing her otherwise, the world is full of love, of people with good hearts, of kindness.

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Taking part in this massive group effort is adding one small speck of light into the the world -- and we need so much light these days. 

A You Caring fund-raising page site set up to help the Doddlers take care of Safyre says that although she survived the fire, Safyre was burned on over 75 percent of her body. She's also endured the amputation of her her right hand and left foot. But, says the page, "She is a miracle and has a strong will to live and recover."

It sure does seem that way. Let's help this miracle of a girl's heart shine this Christmas. You can send your card to:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, New York, 12306


Image via Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor/Facebook

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