Couple Searches for the Person Who Took This Perfect Engagement Pic (PHOTO)

Don't we all wish that we had that perfect picture captured on film? One couple found their engagement moment photographed, after putting out a plea on social media to find it.


When Michael Kent proposed to his girlfriend Fiona Newlands in Reykjavik, Iceland, last Saturday, he had no idea that a passer-by was capturing it on film.

After the fact, the photographer approached the couple to exchange email addresses. However, it seems as though Kent's hands were so shaky with emotion, he wrote his contact information down incorrectly. All could have been lost, but this is a new age we're living in, and nothing is impossible for our generation

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That's when Kent took his plea to Facebook, saying, "If we could find that picture it'd be incredible." It got shared almost 100 times, but no luck. That's when The Icelandic magazine, The Reykjavik Grapevine, retweeted his plea

Someone tweeted back, saying she knew the photographer. Check out this amazing shot that they'll be able to treasure forever.

Isn't that beautiful? I wish this couple nothing but happiness!


Image via © Jim Craigmyle/CORBIS

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