Watch Little Boy's Sweet Reaction as Police Officers Replace His Stolen Xbox (VIDEOS)

presentThere are some serious Grinches out there, but sweet stories like this one prove the holiday spirit is alive and strong. Police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, felt so bad for a little boy whose Xbox was stolen during a robbery, they bought him a new one.


Eleven-year-old Tontrevion Campbell and his family were at church when thieves broke into their home. The officers who arrived on the scene found that a very special -- and expensive -- piece of electronic equipment had been taken.

"When we asked the child if he's going to get a new Xbox for Christmas, he said 'no, my mom doesn't have that kind of money,'" officer Jerry Graves told WMC Action News 5. "'And all the money she makes goes to pay the bills.'"

Officer Graves shared that Tontrevion seemed much more worried about his mom than about his missing Xbox. They found that so impressive, the officers really wanted to make it up to the little boy.

Now, these videos aren't the greatest quality, but they're pretty compelling -- and heartwarming! Here are the officers getting ready to take the Xbox into the house:

MPD Christmas

Posted by Antwaun Thatruth Cooper on Sunday, November 29, 2015

And here's the video of Tontrevion opening his present:

MPD Spreading Christmas cheer

Posted by Antwaun Thatruth Cooper on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oh my goodness! It looks like Tontrevion isn't sure what's even happening at first ... it takes him a minute to understand that he's opening a brand-new Xbox! And when he does realize it -- that face! And when he gets up and hugs all the police officers! I can't take it. What a sweetheart!

I love stories like this. There are so many great people in the world, doing kind things like this. It's all too easy to focus on all the awful news, but these little moments of big-heartedness are what bring light into the world. I love that the officers acted on their impulse to do something really nice for this little guy -- and I love that it's a moment captured on video and shared with the world. Maybe it will inspire more people to do things like this. I know I'm inspired!

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When Officer Antonio Martin says, "Just to be able to alleviate some of his stress ... and actually help that family in this time, like Christmas, it really was an overwhelming feeling..." well, I'm pretty sure my heart just grew two sizes.

Thank you, officers!


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