Adults Get an Unexpected Reunion With Their Favorite Childhood Teachers (VIDEO)

teacherSo many of us have teachers we'll never forget -- teachers who made big differences in our lives, teachers we'd love to thank, teachers we credit with helping us become who we are. Well, some lucky people got to reunite with those favorite childhood teachers, and the resulting video is really a must-see.


Positivity site A Plus put together the video, which is sponsored by Strayer University. First we see people talking about their favorite teachers, sharing what made them so important and meaningful in their lives.

"I was kind of lost without her," says one man.

"Middle school is when I started to get bullied," says another.

"She was just so good at what she did," shares a young woman. "She instilled that confidence in me."

The people think they're just being interviewed ABOUT their teachers ... they have no idea that they're about to be reunited with those very teachers:

I'm sorry, I should have warned you to get some tissues! When that sweet lady at the end whispers, "You have no idea how I needed to hear those words..." well, let's just say that I should have worn waterproof mascara today!

How inspiring for teachers to watch this. They are SO important, and yet so often, I think they all too often go unappreciated. We love you, teachers!

(And Tom Robinson, my ninth-grade World Civilizations and English teacher ... if you ever happen to read this, it's you I thought about as soon as I learned of this video. THANK YOU! I miss you!)

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Does this video inspire you to reach out to a teacher from your past? I bet he or she would love to hear from you!


 Image via © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

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