Mom Buys Everything From a Shuttered Toy Store ... to Donate to Homeless Kids

Christmas presentsI do believe in Santa Claus! A New York City mom of three bought out an entire toy store so she could give presents to the city's neediest children. If that doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, nothing will!


Carol Suchman regularly buys toys for foster kids throughout the year, but when she passed by a closed-down toy store in her neighborhood recently, she got an idea.

"I thought it was so sad that all the toys were just sitting inside this closed store," she told "When I saw the 'For Rent' sign go up, I got the idea to call the owner and see if the toys were for sale."

Turns out they were ... and she bought them ALL! Then, she sent an email to Antonio Rodriguez, the special-events coordinator for New York City's Department of Homeless Services.

"I bought a toy store," she wrote.

His reply? "No one has ever said that before!"

A lot of generous people donate gifts to needy children around the holidays, but one New York woman went a giant step...

Posted by KTLA 5 News on Thursday, November 19, 2015

All those toys are now packaged and ready to be distributed to the thousands of children who live in city shelters. The thought that there are children at all who don't have homes is absolutely heartbreaking. I wish I was a bazillionaire and could give them all warm, safe places to live for the holidays -- and forever. But since I'm not, I love knowing that there are people in the world like this lady, creating a little bit of light and love for the people who need it the most.

Carol, who usually donates anonymously, only agreed to let her story be shared when Antonio Rodriguez asked her if he could name her while discussing her donation, saying that "one story often inspires others to take actions."

And as you can imagine, the reaction has been incredibly positive...

"Everyone has been very kind," Carol shared with Today. "The waitress in my local coffee shop kissed me!"

We want to smooch you, too, Carol!

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Of course, not very many of us can afford to buy out a toy store. But isn't it great that someone who can, did? And while we can't all make these giant gestures, we can make a toy's worth of difference, right?


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