Homeless Single Dad Pays It Forward After Strangers Give Him $50K

A single dad in Denver recently decided to pay it forward after more than 1,500 strangers helped him get off the streets by donating more than $50,000 to him and his son. James Moss was so appreciative of the gesture, he decided to help others down on their luck, just as he had been.


James moved with his baby son from New York City to Denver recently and, through a series of unfortunate events, found himself on the street with the 1-year-old. He'd had a job and a house set up, but it had fallen through, and he wasn't sure how he was going to make it.

That's when he met Leon Logothetis, the philanthropist behind the #GoBeKind Tour. He featured Moss and his little boy on his YouTube show, and offered him $1,000 and a week's stay in a hotel to help him get back on his feet.

Nearly a month after this hit the web, a follow-up interview revealed that Moss had found a job as a barber, but he and his son were living in a shelter. So a GoFundMe page was set up, and within 11 days, over 1,500 people had donated $54,800.

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It's not something that James took for granted, and in an effort to pay the kindness forward, he spent this past Saturday with his friends at Civic Center Park, handing out sandwiches to the hungry. The volunteers began passing out food at 10 a.m., and continued until it was gone.

Stories like this are the absolute best. You never know how far a little bit of kindness can go, and how much it can make a difference in someone's life.


Image via Leon Logothetis/YouTube

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