Police Officers Babysit and Cook Dinner for 5 Kids When Mom Is Rushed to Hospital (PHOTO)

police carTwo police officers answered an emergency call in Eindhoven, Netherlands, when a mother of five young children was in distress. The mom has hypoglycemia and had to be taken to the hospital, but in the rush there was no one to watch all five children. So while an ambulance took mom to the hospital, the police officers babysat, cooked, and cleaned for her as she got well. The image of the officers taking care of things is so very heartwarming.


In times like this, we need to hear about people helping people -- in ways big and small. I am so thankful that officers like this are in this world.

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Posted by Politie Eindhoven on Friday, November 13, 2015

Reportedly authorities tried to get a caretaker, but since they couldn't, these officers stepped up to help. They made the kids egg sandwiches, cut up some fruit for them, and made sure to clean up the kitchen after.

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We often talk about how it takes a village when it comes to parenting -- and this is a perfect example. I cannot image how that mother felt when she was having this emergency. She was probably more worried about her children then herself, but she needed medical care. Having all five young children with her at the hospital emergency room wasn't an option -- and having them stay in the comfort of their own home was certainly the best idea. It's truly wonderful that these officers were willing to take on this duty. Police officers are there to protect and serve us -- and that's exactly what these two were doing for this mother and these kids.

Well done. And thank you to people like these who show how there is kindness and love in humankind.


Image via banspy/Flickr

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