Sell the Crap That Reminds You of Your Ex on New 'Never Liked It Anyway' Site

break-upEver wish you could just get rid of all that emotional baggage you've been carrying around since your last breakup? Well, now you can. Literally. Head on over to Never Liked It Anyway, and sell anything that reminds you of your ex. Think of it as eBay for broken hearts!


There are the expected wedding dresses and engagement rings, but there are other items, too (like this Micargi Tahiti Beach Cruiser, being sold because "my relationship ended and I'm moving to Woodland Hills where I won't need a beach cruiser"). They all come with stories, and they all list the seller's "Bounce Back Plan." Here are some of the items that captured our attention ...

Never Liked It Anyway user Jonathon is selling this mink shawl that his ex-wife "left when she moved to NYC and got a boyfriend."

Never Liked It Anyway

He explains, "My then-wife got a boyfriend while I was working overseas to support her. She left a lot of random s--t behind that I have no use for ... like a mink shawl."

Under "My Bounce Back Plan," he writes: "Buy a 40 of OE, pour a little on the curb and then spend the rest on scratch-off lotto tickets."

We fully support that plan, bro. May the Lotto odds be ever in your favor!

Then there's this Blue & White Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace that Lauren already sold:

Never Liked It Anyway

All she says is, "I don't want it in my possession anymore."

Lauren. GURL. Say no more. We feel you.

This 10K White Gold Blue Diamond Ring is listed by user "dannidre," who, it should be noted, set her "breakup stage" to SUPER ANGRY:

Never Liked It Anyway

Why is she selling this pretty piece of jewelry?

"Promise rings are no good when he cheats with his ex!"

Wiser words were never spoken, dannidre. We can also get behind this bounce-back plan: "Fix my piece of crap car that HE bought. Wasn't even man enough to know that he was buying something nice on the outside, but crappy on the inside! There's a lot that needs to be done. This money will help."

Someone buy this ring, stat! Let's get that piece-of-crap car FIXED!

If you don't have anything to sell, you can still vent about your recent breakup in the "Tell It" section of the site. (Or, just read some of the stories and know you're not alone.)

Never Liked It Anyway

You can also order a Bounce Back Box, stuffed with goodies to help you get over your breakup, like Elizabeth Mott mascara, Buxom lip gloss, Babeland vibrators, and online dating passes from

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It's pretty much one-stop shopping -- and selling! -- for getting over a breakup. Genius!



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