Meet the Family Who Raised This Year’s Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Nearly 60 years ago the Asendorf family moved into a house with a small spruce tree in the front yard. And as the years passed, the family grew and so did the tree, into a magnificent 78-foot beauty that just became the 2015 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.


You'd think the massive Rockefeller Center Christmas tree would be grown on some special Christmas tree farm or something official. But it's pretty darn delightful that this year's tree was lovingly tended to by four generations of the Asendorf family.

Albert Asendorf was only 4 years old when he moved into the house and remembers his father keeping the tree trimmed so it would grow tall, he told Today. But eventually, the ginormous tree just got too big for any one yard to accommodate. So, he says, "as more of a joke than anything," Asendorf sent a picture of the tree to the Rockefeller Center folks over Facebook.

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In August, the Rockefeller Center's head gardener showed up to check out the tree and started prepping the 10-ton spruce for its turn in the spotlight.

Even though we've still got a few weeks until Thanksgiving, this story is such a warm way to kick off the holiday season. Because when it comes down to it, there's no holiday decoration more beautiful than being surrounded by family.

Here's more from Asendorf about his famous tree.


Image via Associated Press / YouTube

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