Police Officer Gives Kids Day of Fun Before Giving Them News of Parents' Deaths

Georgia state trooper Nathan Bradley didn't just save Halloween for four orphans last week; he reminds us that compassion is what drives the majority of law enforcement officers to serve their communities.


Four siblings, ranging in age from 13 to 6 years old, were tragically orphaned on Halloween. It was up to Bradley, who works in Jackson, Georgia, to deliver the news. But when those little ones opened the door in costume, the rookie cop did something amazing -- he postponed delivering the news and instead took the kids out for an incredible Halloween complete with burgers, shakes, and trick-or-treating.

The kids got to enjoy Halloween and instead heard the terrible news the next day, once their grandmother could get to them. At a time when we're bombarded with horrifying news and images of incredible police brutality, it's important to focus on troopers like Bradley, whose kindness to four children is living proof of the care and compassion that motivates the vast majority of law enforcement officers to take their jobs.

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As for Bradley, his care has inspired all sorts of people to pitch in where they can. In fact, the GoFundMe page he started to cover an inital $7,000 for funeral expenses has already raised an incredible nearly $370,000 from nearly 10,000 people.

Kindness really is contagious.

Police officers and law enforcement of all stripes are the heart and soul of our communities. They're out on the front lines every day dealing with not just our neighbors, but also their neighbors, too. And just like one single bad cop can ingite a firestorm across the country, one really great one can have an even bigger impact.

Officer Bradley didn't just help those four kids on Halloween; he helped us all heal just a little.

Thanks for your service, Trooper Bradley, and here's wishing you a long, successful career in law enforcement. 


Image via GoFundMe

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