Grandma Provides Proper Burials for Babies Abandoned by Their Parents

Ellisa Davey, a grandmother of five and great-grandmother of two, does a good deed most of us cannot even fathom: She provides funeral services for children abandoned after they die. She first started creating the memorials in 1988, after she read about a baby who was abandoned in a college campus trash can and called the county coroner's office to find out what happened to his body. 


The thought of any infant or child losing his or her life is heartbreaking, and it's even worse when you consider some of these babies have remains that will never be claimed and are left to be buried in unmarked graves. Davey founded the Garden of Innocence at nine different cemeteries across California, and she and a team of volunteers have provided 298 memorial services for these children. Small wooden caskets are created by the Boy Scouts of America and lined with lace created by volunteers.  

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Each child is buried with a blanket, a toy, and a poem. Davey names each child before burial. A musician or singer performs at every burial, and they are attended by military personal, law enforcement, and local citizens. 

Davey has been nominated for a L'Oreal Women of Worth Award, and she hopes to set up more memorial gardens across the country to bring peace and closure to communities where these children are buried. 


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