You Don't Need to Have Curly Hair to Love These New Emojis

Dove Love Your CurlsEmojis have been getting better and more diverse, but up until now, they've been missing something really important ... curls! If it seems strange that you can find Santa and an angel (not to mention a unicorn and a taco) but no textured hair, good news: Dove released a series of diverse, curly-haired emojis, and they're super easy to download!


According to Unilever (Dove's parent company), this release is an extension of Dove Hair’s Love Your Curls mission: "to help women and girls embrace and love their curls by ensuring they see accurate reflections of their hair in their everyday lives."

Love your curls emojiis

I love it! I don't have curly hair, and neither does my daughter -- we don't have any trouble finding emojis that sort of look like us. (I prefer the red-dress dancing lady, myself! Ha.) But as a mom, I can only imagine the frustration and marginalization felt by my fellow moms who have curly-haired girls of every skin color ... to be so underrepresented. Everywhere! Even on their iPhones!

"One in three women in the United States have curly or wavy hair, yet there are zero images of these women today in the increasingly common language of emojis," continues the Unilever statement. "That felt wrong to us, so we're fixing it and hope by doing so, we will continue inspiring all women to love their curls." 

The Dove Love Your Curls keyboard is free to download in the App Store and Google Play (just search for "Dove Love Your Curls"!). It's got 27 unique curly-hair designs, with selectable skin tone and hair color, resulting in a whopping total of 131 curly emoji variations (including seven animated GIFs!). So fun!

Dove Love Your Curls

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I've already downloaded these awesome new emojis, and I'll be making sure they're on my daughter's devices as well. Diversity is better for everyone -- we all benefit when our popular culture reflects ALL kinds of people. Emojis may seem like a small thing, but if you think about it  -- they're something so many of use every. Single. Day. This calls for a clapping hands emoji!


Images via Dove

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