Single Mom Working the Graveyard Shift Receives Tip of a Lifetime (VIDEO)

waffle house waitressHey, did you know that sometimes people do nice things for other people? Even sometimes for no reason at all? Believe it or not, acts of kindness really do happen -- as 21-year-old single mother and Waffle House waitress Lauren Ball of Tennessee recently discovered, thanks to the remarkable generosity of a graveyard shift patron.


Ball admits that she wasn't particularly happy to see the guy walk through the door (even though she'll surely always remember him as her favorite customer ever), because he walked in at 4 a.m., close to the end of her shift. 

“I was ready to go home, I didn’t even want to wait on him but I was the only waitress working,” she told WFMY News 2.

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Still, Ball managed to put on a friendly face, and she and the man got to talking. Ball told him about her plans to go to the beach the next day, and how she was worried because she'd just spent all her money on her son Colton's birthday party. Imagine her surprise when the man offered to "help out" with the cost of her outing -- and imagine her utter shock when the man actually followed through, writing her a tip of $600 (on a $24 check)!

“I couldn’t believe it, I kind of wanted to give it back to him because it was such a large amount,” said Ball, but the man explained that he "just likes to do things for nice people."

Wow. That's not something you hear every day -- though, to be fair, Ball does seem like a nice person. Check it out:

Awww, what a sweet story! And how cute is Ball's little boy?? I wonder if she showed the customer a picture of Colton when she told him about the beach and the birthday party. That face would inspire Scrooge himself to write a $600 tip. Seriously, though, life is tough for 21-year-old single moms, especially 21-year-old single moms working the graveyard shift at a Waffle House in Tennessee, so it's great that somebody chose to show her a little unexpected support. Here's hoping others are inspired to do the same!


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