Son Makes Mom's Wish Come True as She Preps for Life-Changing Surgery (VIDEO)

son mom kidney transplantCarl James Brooks's mom has been battling kidney disease for 10 years -- she is on dialysis, and it has been very difficult for her as well as for her loved ones. Thankfully, she was able to get a kidney transplant -- but her son, Carl, was thousands of miles away in Germany as his mom was prepping for surgery in Atlanta. With some help, he was able to surprise his mom just before her kidney transplant.


Their reunion is a tear-inducing display of the bond of a mother and child. In the video, we first meet Carl, a magnetic kid with a great smile and sense of humor -- and he's a self-professed mama's boy. His mom wanted him to be by her side as a measure of comfort, but they didn't think it was going to happen. When he shows up, surprising his mom, dad, and his sister, it's really such a beautiful thing.

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Still beautiful despite his sister's expletives. Siblings! Excuse me while I wipe my tears away. My goodness, that was emotional!

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It's so lovely and has me thinking. When we are little and get a boo-boo, we want our mothers. It is in our mother's arms where we feel the safest. She is who we go to in the night when we wake from a bad dream. She has the power to wipe our tears away and with a kiss make it all better. During these times, it's not only the child who feels that power -- it's the mother as well. That love, that bond, that feeling of comfort, it's all there for Mom, too.

Here, this mom wants the comfort and love of her son before going through this major surgery. She has her daughter there, and her husband, but in order to feel truly complete, she wants her whole family there. Thankfully, Carl was able to make it to help her feel complete, to feel that comfort and love. It is with our children that we feel that sense of ... well, everything -- they nourish us. They are our best medicine.

May Carl's mom continue to be on the mend.


Image via ABC

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