10-Year-Old Girl Born In China Wants to Be POTUS: Would You Vote for Her?

alena mulhernSome of us don't figure out what we want to do with our lives until we're halfway through college (if we ever figure it out at all!), but others know exactly how they want their future to look from birth, practically. Such is the case with 10-year-old Alena Mulhern, who's already lobbying for a constitutional amendment that would allow her to run for president someday.


While most 10-year-olds are worrying about their math homework and Minecraft, Mulhern, who lives in Massachusetts, is already dreaming of her eventual presidential campaign. The only problem is that Mulhern was born in China, and though she's been a U.S. citizen since she was 10 months old, that means she's constitutionally barred from ever becoming POTUS. Mulhern's mom, Barbara Mulhern Caparell, says her daughter was shocked when she told her about the law, and immediately made up her mind to change it.

So, even though she won't be able to run until 2040, on Wednesday, October 28, Mulhern went before the Massachusetts State House to try to convince them to pass a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment that would allow foreign-born American citizens to run for president.

"I know that I am an American first and foremost," she said. "Just think of all the great candidates that would not be able to serve our country because of a law that came into existence more than 200 years ago."

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"I would be a great leader and bring people together. I would guide our country so it would be an even greater place to live, work, and raise a family. And most of all, I love my country. I want to serve my country, and this is my country."

2040 can't come fast enough! Just watch:


Awesome! And I love how Mulhern managed to squeeze in a little advance campaigning while she was arguing her (very valid) point. Seems like a born politician to me! It'll be interesting to see what happens with this case -- I'm betting there are some very powerful potential supporters out there who might be willing to fight for her cause. After all, if Donald Trump can run for president ...


Image via CBS Boston

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