New Google Tool to Help Prevent a 'Witch Stole My Look' Moment This Halloween

Isn't it the worst when you show up to a party and someone is wearing the exact same outfit as you? Especially if it's a Halloween party, and it turns out that your totally creative costume isn't quite so original after all. Thanks to Google Frightgeist, you can find out what the most popular costumes in your city are, so you can either follow the trend or decide to go for something off the beaten path.


Just go to the Frightgeist Google map, click on your city (or one near you), and discover the top searches for Halloween costumes this year. Apparently, a lot of people will be going as the Joker's sexy on-again, off-again girlfriend Harley Quinn, as the Suicide Squad member is the top trending costume for the nation.

The top trending costume search in my hometown of San Diego is Star Wars, which doesn't surprise me too much, because I can't walk through the mall or even Target these days without tripping over at least 17 displays for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I've also decided possibly to never visit Presque Isle, Maine, as their top search is for clowns. Followed by pizza, interestingly enough. Thankfully, no searches for Pizza Rat costumes came up in that town, or any other.

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People in Grand Junction, Colorado, apparently want to go as hippies, which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that pot is now legal in that state. 

And there must be a lot of little ones in Wyoming, because the top search in Cheyenne is for Doc McStuffins, and in Casper it's Minnie Mouse.

Overall, Star Wars and some form of superheroes seem to be ranked in the top five of almost every city listed, and, surprisingly, there are very few Elsas this year. Could it be? Have we finally had enough Frozen? At least we'll maybe get a year or two's reprieve before Frozen 2 hits theaters ...


Image via © Michal Fludra/Demotix/Corbis

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