Mom Gets Sweet Surprise When Boyfriend Uses Their Newborn to Propose (VIDEO)

dad uses newborn to proposeWhen it comes to popping the question, most guys want to make it as memorable as possible. Getting friends and even pets into the act is always fun, but one man had his newborn help him propose!


Michael Miles had his brand-new baby daughter, Lynleigh, wear an adorable onesie that read: "Will You Marry My Daddy?" So when the nurse presented the infant to new mom Triston Lowery, she was doubly-excited. Take a look:  

Though Lowery had been hoping Miles would put a ring on it, the new dad explained to Inside Edition why he'd held off:

I'm a family person. That's why I wanted our daughter to be a part of that special day. I wanted her to be there on the first day that we started our life together.

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Though she won't remember it, that'll be a fun story for baby Lynleigh to share about her mom and dad as she gets older! It's sweet to hear that this proud dad wanted his daughter to share in this special event. We can probably guess that she'll serve as flower girl at the wedding or have some other part in the big day. 

Best of luck to this new growing family!


Image via Inside Edition/YouTube

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