Jilted Bride Turns Canceled Wedding into a Feast for Homeless Families (VIDEO)

homeless enjoy wedding dinner when groom bails Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! When a groom got cold feet and called off his wedding, the bride's family went ahead with the $35,000 reception and treated Sacramento, California's homeless to a beautiful dinner


Recognizing that this veritable feast for 125 guests would otherwise go to waste, Kari Duane, mom of jilted bride Quinn, decided to turn a heartbreaking situation into a heartwarming one. 

Homeless men, women, and children from the capital city enjoyed a delicious but all-too-rare dining experience thanks to this devastated family's thoughtfulness. 

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What an amazing gesture. You can only imagine how terrible the bride must have felt, but what a way to do something beautiful for people who were probably in need of an uplifting surprise. 

It's also so refreshing that instead of reading about a family suing the pants off this runaway groom, the Duanes chose to focus on the positive. 

"I feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but I will take away something good from this, I will," mom Kari told KCRA News. 

We love that instead of being destroyed by this, this mom has turned the situation into something meaningful. What a great role model for her daughter. It offers her such a great way to heal and think about others in their time of need. 

And, much like the reception, the honeymoon was also nonrefundable, so the bride and her mom will enjoy a special getaway together.

We hope that in time this young woman meets someone fantastic who recognizes what an exceptional family he'd be marrying into!


Image via Gordana Sermek/shutterstock; KCRA News/YouTube

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