Holocaust Survivor's Story Is an Emotional Lesson in Passing Along Kindness (VIDEO)

If you're asking for the best traits we can pass on to our children, kindness is almost always near the top. It grounds us and connects us and makes the world an easier place to traverse. Take, for example, Francine Christophe -- she was forced into a Nazi concentration camp by the time she was 8 years old, but the story she tells is of kindness ... not of pain or evil.


Even as a child in one of the worst possible places in the world, Francine and her giving spirit changed -- and maybe even saved -- lives. And it was her mom who helped her learn that kindness could outlive atrocity. Her story is beyond inspiring:

If you just want to cry forever and then hug Francine forever, you're not alone. The grace and beauty captured by Francine and her mother's story is so moving ... and for them, it paid off. Francine got to see the direct outcome of her generosity many, many years later, and that makes us wonder how we might teach our own children that kind of giving spirit.

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The amazing thing is that Francine's story is just one of thousands -- filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand traveled around the world and interviewed people to find out what makes them the most human. If you cried at Francine's story, you'll cry at the rest, too.


Image via Human the movie/YouTube

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