Flight Attendant Posts Inspirational Notes on Plane, but Here's What Moms Really Want to See (PHOTOS)

Travel can be stressful. But flying with a baby or toddler can be downright maddening, especially if they're fussy. What parent wouldn't appreciate a kind note from a stranger -- like the "words from the window seat" notes American Airlines attendant Taylor Tippett has been leaving passengers?


Naturally, Tippett's notes, which she tapes to plane windows and then posts on her Instagram stream, have gone viral. You can see why.

Be kind to one another. A few words Ellen DeGeneres closes every show with. This little saying is why I do these notes and it's the backbone to everything I do. Kindness matters. It matters a million times over and over again. Simply choose kindness. It doesn't take much effort to step out of your way to do or say something kind. I'm going to challenge you to do that today. #wordsfromthewindowseat has completely sky rocketed and I wake up every day with my jaw dropped. I am humbled and I don't have words. So I'm doing something a little bit wild but hey that's okay. Ellen- I need you to know: you inspire me and make me belly giggle 11 out of 10 times. We need more people like you in this world. Let me come be on your show and shake my booty in your chair. I have only dreamed about it for forever now. Let's get Ellen's attention or at least try � have the most rockin' day and let's pray @theellenshow sees this!!! be kind and spread kindness today.

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In fact, Tippett has inspired others to post their own inspirational travel notes under the hashtag #wordsfromthewindowseat. 

But how about a little compassion for those on the flight who need it the most? I'm talking about the parents in row 15 with the screaming baby who won't let anyone else on the flight sleep. Here's what we think they need to see.

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You know your baby always seems even louder to you than he or she really is. But anyway, it's not like you're holding an evil little troll.

Right? Here's one every parent would love to see before takeoff, and before anyone starts crying.

Just a little reminder that a wee babe's wails are not necessarily the most annoying sounds a human can make.

In fact, to an experienced parent's ears, your child may sound delightful.

Um, the honest version of that might something like, Thank goodness I'm not in charge of that crying baby! Now let's get real about what would truly help out another parent.

And in case that parent needs something a little stronger ...

And stronger, yet!

Not feeling sexy at the moment? Reading this would probably feel good.

Perhaps a little perspective might help as well.

And finally, the message that could save a mom at her wits' end:

Having been on both sides of this dilemma, I can now tell my kid-free friends with authority that it is way more stressful to care for a crying baby on board that it is to merely hear someone else's crying baby on board. So it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if more notes like these started appearing on airplane windows!


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