Orphaned Sisters Separated Decades Ago Are Reunited -- at Work (VIDEO)

south korean sisters reunitedHere's further proof that family ties are WAY stronger than you think: Forty years ago, two South Korean sisters were orphaned and separated from each other. But the sisters recently reunited! How, you ask? Because they both work at the same Florida hospital -- 7,000 miles away from where they were born.


Did you just get chills reading that? Because this is one of those stories that makes you think either a) things really do have a way of working out the way they're supposed to, or b) the universe has a wacky sense of humor.

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Pok-nam Shin (Holly Hoyle O'Brien) and Eun-Sook (Meagan Hughes) were both born in South Korea. In 1978, when Holly was 9, she was adopted by an American family. Her stepmother had taken her younger half sister, Meagan, and left years before.

But what Holly didn't know was that Meagan had been eventually adopted by an American family, too. She was growing up in Virginia, while Holly was in New York. Still, Holly was haunted by memories of her little sister -- even telling her adoptive parents that they needed to find her. Of course, despite their contacting Korean orphanages, there was no trace of Meagan.

Flash ahead 40 years. In early 2015, Holly was hired as a nursing assistant at a Florida hospital. Two months later, she was asked to train a new employee called Meagan. They hit it off and decided to have lunch.

That's when talk turned more personal.

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"She also mentioned she grew up in an orphanage and that caught my attention," Meagan told Today.com. "I asked Holly what her last name was in Korea and she said Shin. And I said, 'Oh my gosh, that's also my last name, too.'"

Having a hunch that their similarities were more than a coincidence, the women got a DNA test which confirmed they were, indeed, long-lost sisters.

"I was trembling and shaking," Holly said of learning the news. "My husband had to literally hold me. ... I pray to God every day, 'Please find a sister.' And he did all the work."

What were the odds that these women would find each other in such an unlikely way? Not only were they drawn to the same profession, but they also chose to work in the same state, the same city, the same hospital -- they even were assigned to the same shifts on the same floor.

We're glad they didn't just find each other, but that they seem to like each other and get along. Can you imagine if they were arch enemies who then found out that they were related?

Hmmm. Maybe we just uncovered the secret plotline of the movie script Amy Schumer and JLaw are writing ...


Image via HeraldTribune / YouTube

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