President Obama Golfs His Way Into Couple's Wedding Photos (VIDEO)

President Obama Crashes WeddingIf a surprise guest shows up at your wedding, you'd hope it's at least one you're happy to see! One couple got the shock of a lifetime when President Barack Obama crashed their golf course wedding


The bride, Stephanie, and her groom, Brian, were ushered inside so Obama could play through, which would ordinarily have a bride fuming. But after finishing, the president took a moment to congratulate the happy couple. 

Though most brides like to be the center of attention, Stephanie was elated by this unexpected guest. She told KGTV:

I actually started crying; I was crying as I'm running up there. You are just overwhelmed with emotion.

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This isn't the first time the POTUS's love of golf has collided with a wedding. In 2014, a couple had to move their venue to accommodate Obama's game. Fortunately, the bride took it well after receiving a phone call from the commander-in-chief. If this is going to continue happening, Obama might want to start keeping crystal vases in with his clubs!

Not that you'd ever forget your wedding day, but this certainly makes it an event your guests will remember. And what a great story to share -- and if people don't believe you, you've got the pictures as proof!  

Image © Steven Senne/AP/Corbis

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