Paramedic Bride Stops for Family’s Car Crash -- Wearing Her Wedding Dress (PHOTO)

wedding dressEven the most dedicated professionals generally take off work for their wedding day, but apparently some people are always on the clock! Such was the case for Tennessee newlywed Sarah Ray, a paramedic who received a shocking phone call just minutes after tying the knot: Her grandparents and father had gotten into a crash just two miles away from the church!


As one would expect, Ray was worried when she heard the news that her family's car was slammed into when another driver ran a red light.

“My family comes in from out of town and this had to happen,” Ray told Nashville's NewsChannel 5. “I was scared on the way there.” 

No doubt! Luckily, the bride's paramedic training took over, and she went straight to the scene of the crash. And she wasn't alone ... her new husband Paul went along because he also happens to be a paramedic. In fact, the couple met on the job five years ago! 

Thankfully, Ray's family was okay, though her grandmother did suffer "major bumps and bruises." (The poor woman was still worried that she might have ruined her granddaughter's wedding reception!) 

“Anybody in the EMS field would’ve done the same thing,” Ray told Channel 5. “I don’t know if what I did was special but I was in a wedding dress.”

Well, sure it was special! That's why the pic Ray's mother took of her walking away from the scene of the accident in her wedding dress quickly went viral on social media. It's just such a striking image: a horrible crash and a gorgeous bride with a look of fierce determination on her face.

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Stunning, right? That's what Ray's mom thought, too! 

"I love this photo because it shows her character and accentuates her beauty," Marcy Martin told Channel 5. 

Ray had a hilariously different take on the pic, though:

"I know the face that I'm giving my mom was the 'Really, mom? Right now you're taking a picture?'" she said. "I'm sure we were a sight on the side of the road for people driving by."

One thing's for sure -- it'll make a great shot for the wedding album!


Image via Parekh Cards/Flickr

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